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Green Space and common Areas

Creating more Space for Design, Development and Community

Both developers and architects want to produce good design aesthetics and quality products, to improve the lives of people, and to create great places for communities and neighborhoods.

The greatest benefit of reducing the volume of space required for parking is the ability to fit more cars in a smaller lot, to free up space for design and development, to get more space for sale or lease and, simply, more space.

Developers and architects enjoy creating a vision and how the design affects the community is part of the initial design. They consider that they are creating great places for people to live and work. LEED and environmental issues are very important; and safety and security is an extremely important contribution of Robotic Systems for the development.

Overall there is NO urban development for which Robotic Parking Systems does NOT significantly contribute to the bottom line profit!

How Robotic Parking works

Simple... Smart... Safe...

It does not require more space, but rather, more intelligence to solve the parking and traffic problems of urban spaces today and for tomorrow.

The Robotic Parking Systems technology is a flexible, modular, fully automated parking system, utilizing the latest in electronics and automation. It is driven by fully automated software with electro-mechanical robots. The versatile and flexible modular arrangement of robots enables fast movements that are smooth, reliable and quiet delivering the highest Peak Traffic performance worldwide.

The modular technology provides for extreme flexibility for designers. The robotic car park can be designed in-between, under or above other development components. BIM models are available as a design tool.

With this technology, an individual will not need to drive through the garage to find a parking space nor go through tiresome searches for the vehicle.

PREMIUM VALET SERVICE - without the tip:
The driver simply enters with the car into one of the multiple entry terminals and leaves the vehicle to be picked up by the computerized machines (robots) that will park it inside the facility.

Retrieval of the car is simple, and the car will be delivered in a forward drive position within 1-3 minutes after the access card is presented.



Recommended Video:

The ultimate space efficient solution 4:53 min

Recent Projects:

Ibn Battuta Gate
Ibn Battuta Gate

First Robotic Parking Garage in the Middle East Opens at the Ibn Battuta Gate Complex in Dubai 765 Spaces

EFT @ DIFC Dubai

EFT @ DIFC Dubai 1.200 Spaces

Al Jahra Court Kuwait

Al Jahra Court Kuwait 2350 spaces





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